5 Ways to Add Succulents to Your Wedding

Personally I love succulents. It actually took my husband and I like 12 tries before we got it right, you know 12 plants that we overwatered before we finally understood that succulents are meant to survive on like no water. I think I'm just used to watching green thing grow, so it's weird when a little guy stays little, and we're all okay with it (I might be talking about my own personal struggles with height...).

Recently, I have seen some amazing use of succulents at weddings, as favors for guests. But I had yet to see a wedding whose main source of floral was not the traditional bloom. Lucky for us, my bride Amy decided to go for the gusto and included them in every aspect of her wedding. Read on for 5 Ways to Add Succulents to Your Wedding.

1. For all of the detail shots. You know the invitation suite, your rings. Basically the inanimate objects of your wedding that you spent a lot of money on.

2. Centerpieces. I especially love how Amy combined the succulents of her guest table centerpieces with undressed harvest tables (that means they didn't have linen on them) and with antique pieces like lanterns and silver platters. Oh yeah, and the idea of using wine glasses upside down... with candles on top... genius.

3. Table decor. I don't mean centerpieces, because then that would be redundant. Nope, I mean just sprinkle succulents on tabletops that are donning the rest of your wedding activities, like the photo booth table, high top cocktail tables, the bar, the bathroom sink. You get it, right?


5. Boutonnieres and corsages. Just be sure to get a pro for the arrangements, you don't want those precious succulent petals falling off before pictures are finished!


Simple right!? All of the rentals were from A Vintage Touch, the venue (which comes with the harvest tables) is Hope Glen Farm. You can thank the generous Kelly Birch Photography for the amazing photos. And on a side note, I knew, working alongside Kelly, that she was going to capture these photos that I would be totally blown away by. I knew that would happen and I am still giddy like a school girl over them! I mean, that photo of the ring bearer, cmon!! You would never know that he actually did NOT want to wear any flowers on his suit, or that later he had a minor melt down. This is what I mean when I say quality. Cheers!!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

Did I forget to mention a way you can use succulents on your wedding day? Do you have another idea?? Please! Tell me below!!