SIX. You can have any type of bridal bouquet, but here are 6 types to spark your imagination! Because flowers are lovely, they smell nice and they make people feel happy. And because six is my favorite number. Bouquets can be color coordinated or subdued; full of greens or petals only. Prepare yourself to think floral!

1. Pops of electric color. Surprisingly you can find a flower in just about every color, so don't be afraid to really reach for the moon when it comes to adding pops of color to your wedding bouquet. White hydrangeas, white peonies and white roses are always a good base to add irises, mums or orchids like below. 

2. Pastels and muted tones. I seriously have a weak spot for succulents. And it's not just because I appreciate how dang hard it is to cultivate them. I am a self-professed failed succulent grower, but I will keep trying! Having succulents and seeded eucalyptus together in one bouquet is enough to push me over the edge. But also adding white anemone, Paradise City dahlia, those little pink ones are wax flowers, and lisianthus -- er I think lol... wunderbar! Wanna see more succulents? Click here.

3. Wild flowers with long stems. What is a wild flower anyways? Lucky for us (or just me?) the term is applied loosely to refer to flowers that grow natively and without being planted. Think that one scene in Pocahontas when the wind takes all the swirly stuff and then imagine the swirly stuff is seeds and it lands on supple (gross word) land and takes root and grows into wild flowers. And since we're dealing with a minimally restrictive definition I am going to say thistle is a wild flower, so is yarrow and anything else with teeny tiny buds, and a honeycomb is DEF wild. Also when it looks like you gathered your bouquet down by the crick? That's a wild flower bouquet and we both can agree it pairs perfectly with a bridal braid updo.

4. Bursts of rich colors. Oh baby, deep reds, rich oranges, touches of yellow and blue?!!?? I mean, I can guarantee that if I tried this on my own it would look like poop. Also it would fall apart before the ceremony, it'd be like the bread crumb trail of weddings... ooh here's a bud... here's another one... oh, hey bride! why are you crying?

Burgundy/dark red/wine/maroon is an EXCELLENT contrast color for brides choosing to dress in white. And picking blooms like dahlias or a spider mum, as well as the thistle, really makes the bouquet seem to burst out of the arrangement. And that beige-ish green-ish honey comb looking thing - that's a Scabiosa seed pod. Also in my top 10 faves.

5. Roses. There are over 150 varieties of roses, which means there are a lot of roses, shapes, sizes and colors, to choose from. Pair your favorite rose with greens, with other flowers like hydrangea or go traditional and have all white roses and nothin' else. I suggest giving your florist creative freedom, pick a few blooms you like and let them do the rest! Also remember that the longer the stem, the more expensive. This one below is paired with dusty miller, pink wax flowers and white VERONICA.

6. Single bloom. You are after all joining two lives to become one... awww. I say go for it! Really confuse the shit out of people pressuring you to have more, go bigger, spend it all - and opt for something simple and elegant. Something that symbolizes just how you feel about getting married, that less is best, no distractions, just you and your person, growing together and blooming as one. Need to see more? I've pinned a few extra single bloom bridal bouquets just for you. 

All images from Ashley Elwill Photography, thanks Ashley. Are you feeling inspired!? Did I name a flower wrong (dang I hate when that happens!)? Let me know! Until next time...

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,