6 Reasons Why You Should Take Engagement Photos

... with your wedding photographer. That part is key. Laura, you guys know Laura, with Lumos Images let me pick her brain and together we've come up with 6 reasons to convince you to take engagement photos with your wedding photographer.

1.  You photographer gets to know you.
They get to know your personalities and how the two of you interact with each other. Are you willing to be affectionate in front of the camera? Are you goofballs or more serious?  Do you need a lot of direction when it comes to posing or do things happen organically? 

Your photographer will figure out what poses work well with your heights and they can hone in on your style. I think this is so important. If you photographer is popular and is booked every weekend, having an engagement session will help them to remember you and why you are different than that wedding last weekend and the one next weekend…

2.  You get to know your photographer. 
During the engagement session you can ‘break the ice’ with your photographer, getting comfortable with each other so that you understand their style. Laura loves this because on the wedding day, she can say "remember that one pose where I had you _______." Super helpful.

3.  There is no schedule. 
Laura reminds us, “During your wedding day, we are constantly moving from one part of the day to the next. There is a timeline that we try to stick to. During the engagement session we can spend as much time as we need to get the right shots. And we're not worried about getting to the church, or the first look or the cake cutting.” Ah. Stress-free photo session.

4.  We control the weather.  
For engagement photos the date they happen on isn’t set in stone, since it’s just you, your fiancé and the photographer. If it's storming out, you can totally reschedule. If you want golden hour shots (sunset) or if you want to have a sunrise session, you can wait for a clear day, a good forecast and there’s no need to worry about the rest of the day and what might be going on, which is not how it will go on your wedding day likely.

5.  Personalized location. 
What is your favorite spot to go as a couple? Or maybe there’s a location that you want to explore together that you just haven’t had time to do yet. Hit the park with your fur baby, grab a cup of coffee, share a pint, stay home, or revisit where you met. 

Because you might not have a personal connection to your wedding venue, or you know you’ll get plenty of pictures there on the day of your wedding, taking engagement pictures elsewhere gives you a chance to get captured just as you are, madly and wildly in love.

6.  Personalized portraits. During engagement photos your personality can really stretch it’s legs. Laura suggests that you wear something you are comfortable in, don’t feel like you need to overdress if that isn’t you (and likewise, don’t feel like you need to under dress if you ordinarily don a suit and tie or a pair of heels). 

Maybe you LOVE fall and apple orchards but your wedding is in May. Maybe you have pets that you want in some pictures. Taking engagement photos allows you the opportunity to capture who you are as a couple.

Check out some of my favorite engagement photographers on Instagram. For some reason I just love those in home sessions, the ones that are shot a bit more dark and moody, and yes, I like when they show you and yours cuddling up on the couch. #naturalhabitat

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Header photo and photo 2: Lumos Images | Photo 1 and 3: Aaron Thomas Photography