6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Hair and Makeup Trial

Okay so usually the words you read are those written by yours truly, Josey Stafford, owner and lead planner of Sixpence Events & Planning. But I am not the only one who knows stuff, nor am I the only one who wants to tell you that stuff that is known. This blog post is written by Amber Budd, owner of Skin MPLS. That should tell you right away that she knows skin, literally like the back of her hand.

Enjoy the post and cheers to my day off!

As a makeup artist, I cannot stress how important a trial run is to the overall flow of your wedding day.  Although there are many reasons why I consider a trial run mandatory, I’ve highlighted a few key reasons below:

  1. We get to know each other.  
    Do you really want a total stranger up in your face on one of the most important (and sometimes stressful) days of your life? I know I personally wouldn’t. I want to TRUST that person. That only comes with knowing you’re on the same page. You get to know each other's styles, and you get to know that you have someone completely on your side the day of the wedding, then it's more like having another friend there, instead of someone you just hired.

  2. There are no surprises.
    Although it hasn’t ever happened to me, I’m very careful about what I stock in my kit... but I know it has happened to other people - what if you had an allergic reaction to something the artist used on you on the wedding day?  I know I would feel horrible if your day was ruined because of an allergy that could have been entirely avoided if we had just done a trial, and ruled out that possibility.

  3. You look how you want to look.
    Sometimes, even with a dozen inspiration photos, when the makeup is on, it just isn’t what you thought it would look like.  It's best to iron these things out ahead, so that the makeup doesn’t put you behind schedule on the wedding day.

  4. You're final look can be agreed upon.
    I’ve said some version of this above, but it cannot be repeated enough...you and the artist need to be on the same page. What's natural to me may not be natural to you. When you say berry lip, do you mean a stain, or a matte? These are things that can make or break a makeup application on the day of the wedding, and depending on your timeframe, you may have to walk down the aisle not in your BEST face, because of some minor miscommunications.  

  5. Last but not least - Its fun!
    Unless you’re a Kardashian, most people don’t get all glammed up on a regular basis. Take advantage of this wonderful time, and plan a night out with your girlfriends, or a relaxing date night pre-wedding, when you’ll have beautiful, professionally done makeup.

Those of you who have done a trial before your wedding, what was the best part of your makeup trial? Did it make you feel at ease knowing you'd get the look you wanted once the trial was over? Let me know in the comment section below!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,