What to do, what to plan, what to wear, blah blah blah.

I mean not blah, because wedding planning is important. But it is a LOT, I mean a lot of planning, a lot of deciding, a lot of spending. And in order to plan and decide and spend, we need ideas! We need inspiration!

We need something more than just Pinterest!


I said it.

Actually I wrote it. It can’t be unwritten. Actually it can, but I refuse.

Pinterest is great, but sometimes the images you are pinning are actually not from real weddings and while the ideas are lovely, sometimes it’s not possible to gauge the budget of said wedding ideas.

So let me suggest a few additional options for gaining wedding insight and creativity.


    Duh. Shameless plug for my own blog, specifically my real wedding blogs. In them I not only talk a bit about the couple (and why I love them so), I also like 6 things you can learn from their wedding (since you didn’t actually go) and at the bottom of every post I list out all of their vendors.

    Like the bouquet that Meghann had? Me too, why not hire her florist. Love the aesthetic of Billy’s wedding? As do I, go ahead and hire A Vintage Touch (p.s. we make a great team).


    Nowadays Insta is the perfect place to hashtag hunt for the things you want for your wedding. My favorite hashtags to search for? #bridalchignon #boutonniere #whimsicalbouquet #weddingsuit

    Not just for hashtag searches, Instagram is really great for finding vendors that there is a plethora of like WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS. There’s literally like a million. You could hire someone from out of state even and that brings your total options to two hundred billion lol.

    My favorite way to search for vendors is to follow @minnesotabride @ndmnbride @mnbrides or @mnweddingguide and double tap images that I like - then I follow the shit out of the vendors that are tagged.


    Seriously, spend a little money to get something printed on paper. You’ll be glad you did when you can turn pages and dog ear favorites. There’s always articles with tips and how to’s included, which means you’ll also be getting smarter while flipping through the pages.


    Raise your hand if your addicted to googling shit.

    Now raise your hand if sometimes you just wish someone would send you inspiration without you having to do so much typing.

    <<ALSO ME>>

    Solution: sign up for the Aisle Society newsletter to get email updates on the latest trends and the prettiest weddings from all across the country. The sign up box is all the way at the footer, good luck scrolling because there is SO much inspiration you might get distracted on your way down.

  5. ZOLA

    I think there was some acquisition stuff with the old Borrowed & Blue, but either way this site is great for inspiration. You can sort by location, style, season, venue type and color, and they are all real weddings. Zola is also a registry site (I highly recommend checking it out), you can collect RSVPs and create a wedding website. Le sigh, the internet makes getting married so so so much easier.


    Similar to Zola, you can find lots of inspiration on Aisle Planner, with the transparency of whether or not a photo is from a real wedding or a styled shoot. Also like Zola, Aisle Planner’s functions are numerous and diverse. It’s literally the best wedding planning tool on the web and I use it with all of my clients. You can create a wedding website with Aisle Planner and room layouts and like a million other things. Oh yeah, and it’s free.

So good luck, get inspired, but don’t forget the best way to get inspired is to have a conversation with your spouse-to-be and reflect on your own love story.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


photo by Kelly Reeves Photography