10 Reasons to Get Married at a Barn

If you haven't been to a barn wedding yet... well, then you are really going to be wowed and inspired. Erase any notions of a 1930s hay shack, stop thinking cobwebs or cow manure. Barns these days are really stunning. They are architectural wows that can be dressed down for a rustic style, or dressed up for a truly romantic, gothic feel. With a surprising number of barns and farms set up for you to entertain guests, it might be kind of difficult to determine which ones right for you. To help narrow it down I went and visited and chatted with a few.

Of course the first thing you notice when drive up to a barn is just how incredibly massive they are. Case and point: Driving up to Bloom Lake Barn, I found myself almost in tears (see photo above by Kelly Birch Photography). Yup. I'm that kind of girl. Happy tears of course because it was so beautiful, the birds were chirping, friendly woodland animals escorting me down a gravel road - pulling up to an adorable barn with fields of grass gently blowing in the breeze. I put in an instrumental CD (winds and reeds) just because I'm a cheeseball like that.

So reason number 1 for getting married at a barn: the general geography. I know, that's a dense word, right? But think about it, a large part of the appeal happens to be the fact that you are in the suburbs, that there is grass taller than your ankles growing here, the general hubbub of life has mellowed to a dull whisper. Also beneficial (and reason number 2) there is ample parking. Because you are out there, like out away from the concrete jungle.

So, yes, outside the barn is awesome; but if you ask Angie from John P Furber "What's the best spot on your property and why?" she'll respond: "Inside the barn. I hear so many people say WOW and even gasp when they walk into the bridal suite. People have stated that even from the road you just can’t tell how big the barn is inside until you go in." Reason number 3:  unexpected charm and elegance.

Reason number 4: Historical meaning. This particular property was originally owned by John and Isabella Furber in 1850, the Vandenberg’s purchased the property and used it as a dairy farm, building the barn in 1947. Current owners Wayne and Angie purchased the property in 2010 and put Wayne’s model trains in the barn. Of course they quickly saw the potential for romance and nuptials on the property and have since renovated the space (removing the trains) to preserve it's 1850s charm, but with indoor plumbing and air conditioning.

Reason number 5: upgraded amenities. Getting married at a barn venue is different than getting married at a barn. I know, it sounds like I just said the same thing twice, or backwards, but I didn't. These venues have been incredibly beefed up (*pun) in order to combine unique venue spaces with modern amenities. Whether it's a bridal ready room, like the one at John P Furber, with vaulted ceilings; or incredible landscape photo opps like at Rubies and Rust (click here for an ADORABLE story behind the below photo by Meg Cooper Photography - it involves Harry Potter and here for more of their wedding). 

Reason number 6: space. No, not the final frontier, space for guests and space for gettin' you're groove on, and s'mores on. Space for large guests lists and cafe lights, and arbors decked out in floral. Barn wedding venues have ample space, check out my handy spreadsheet I made, though I warn you it may not be comprehensive, I think it's accurate (comment below for any undue mistakes you catch). 

Unique spaces that just cannot be found anywhere else = reason number 7. What am I talking about? How about... a tree house. A loft. GOATS!! I mean for crying out loud people, barns are really fricken cool! Legacy Hills Farm has got animals and wide open plains; Hope Glen Farms has a BRAND SPANKIN' new treehouse and goats. And Green Acres Barn has got a secret wine room. 

Reason number 8: Barn wedding venues are ordinarily family oriented. Mostly because the family that owns the venue, lives on the property - so be kind to your wedding day neighbors. Adam and Monique Wallis, owners of Bloom Lake Barn, have got three adorable kiddos (Cora, Ivy and Amelia) to keep them busy enough. The Historic Deglman Farm has been passed down from father to son, from farmer to self professed 'official chicken feeder'. And the Red Barn Farm is run and operated by the Winter family.

Family means love and all that mushy stuff, which means people that will care for you on your wedding day, because they care about their barn and the events that take place in and around it. Also family style means harvest tables. Reason number 9, we all eat at one table (or close to it). Eating together releases endorphins, ipso facto - having a barn wedding makes you happier because you eat dinner at really, really, long and sturdy dinner tables. *Best place to rent harvest tables (for non barn venues) Rudy's Rentals.

And finally reason number 10: Because where there is a gable roof - there is love.

:::Takes a bow and slowly shuffles off stage:::


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

P.s. Looking for a list of barns? Click here for wedding planning that includes venue selection and click here for a lovely list of barn wedding venues!

*Header photo of Bloom Lake Barn. Taken by me biatch!