5 Ways to Keep Your Bridal Makeup from Melting Off

Hey there friend. Today I have a special treat for you (and for your bridal beauty plans). Amber Budd and I went for drinks the other day... well, sort off, she had a NA beer and I chugged water... so trendy. And it's been a while since we collaborated on a blog post together. 

Our first post was all about 5 Makeup Must Knows for Your Wedding Day and if you haven't read it yet, you should go and do that now. There's a cute little freebie for those of you that read the whole post...

For our next collaboration I am just going to let Amber take the wheel and steer you to information city. Read on for 5 Ways to Keep Your Bridal Makeup from Melting Off. Take it away Amber!


"As a makeup artist, it's my job to ensure your makeup lasts for the duration of the day, to the best of my powers. I’m here to share a few tricks and tips with you so you can be ahead of the game, and prepared for your makeup application as well as the long day ahead!

  1. Blotting sheets are your friend. They’re super cheap (ELF makes them for $1, Clean and Clear has them for $5….they’re no different. Get the $1 pack, I do!)

    They’ll help you later in the day if any shine or sweat (ahem! Sparkle!) dares to interfere with your makeup. You just blot blot blot, and throw the sheet away. Your makeup stays fully intact. (even cheaper secret...or shall I say, in case you “forget” to pick up blotting papers...Starbucks napkins are the BEST blotter I know. Don’t tell anyone.)

  2. If you think you’re going to cry, breathe deep, sharp breaths through your nose. I mean SHARP.  As if you’re sniffling to save all sniffles. This will pull the tears away from your tear ducts. (Note: I do NOT recommend this when you’re in front of other people. Just do it before you walk down the aisle, or in private somewhere.)
  3. Let the makeup artist prep your skin the way THEY need to. Some makeup artists may prefer you to show up with your moisturizer on...do as  they ask. But I personally, ask my brides to show up makeup free and nothing on the face. This allows me to prep the skin with products I know will go the distance and hold up under the makeup, no matter the weather. 
  4. Setting Spray. Invest in some. Your makeup artist should be setting you before you leave, but should you need a refresh through the day, setting spray is the way to go. I recommend the All Nighter spray from Urban Decay. 
  5. And my last secret weapon for you is a little more difficult to find, but you can buy it on Amazon if you makeup artist doesn’t carry it in their kit:  Mehron Antiperspirant Powder.  If you are super super oily, or sweat a lot, this is going to be your new best friend. It’s a colorless setting powder that you can wear under AND over your makeup to prevent sweat or oil from ruining your makeup.  
    I’ve used it for 15 years and it has never let me down. It works very similarly to your antiperspirant deodorant...you apply, it wicks away moisture, and your makeup stays fresh. Just trust me, it sounds odd, but it has saved many a day for me."

I mean even if you ignore all of Amber's advice and just grab a handful of Starbuck's napkins next time you get your Shaken Passion Iced Tea Lemonade... make sure you hire a professional who cares just as much about the way you look at the end of the night as you do at your first look.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


Photos from Gretchen Burkhart