Styled for Good Makes You Feel Good

Thursday was the event of the year. Well, it was if you like Palm Springs. Correction. It was if you LOVE Palm Springs. Because this year's #StyledforGood theme was Palm Springs, like brimming over the kiddie pool, pink flamingos in your face, not just fake grass but real grass. inside. Palm. Springs. Minnesota.

Best part: I learned 3 new words. I love words. Especially ones that no one ever uses. Like capricious and dichotomy. And I also like made up words. Like conversate and irregardless. (uh, I think that last one is almost a real word now). But the new words I learned this week are made up words oooh. aaaah.

Frients: clients that you are also friends with

That's who I took to the Styled for Good event with me. Because we are friends. And because she is graduating and moving on to a master's program at Pepperdine and I am proud of her. You go girl! (Or should I say: You go frient!) (also thank you for the photos)

Fross: a boss that is also your friend.

That's who I saw at the Styled for Good event. The Forever Bride dangerous duo: Hannah Corbett and her fross Ashley Hawkes. Plus I had seen them the day beforehand - at the Twin Cities Wedding and Event Professionals monthly meeting at the new Loring Social. Good thing they didn't wear the same thing two days in a row. I would have noticed, wouldn't I have. wouldn't I of?

Friendors: vendors that are friends. not just for show, but for real.

(see photo for details. thank you Kellie Kuboy for use of your fake term and thank you Hannah Crobett for the photo).

Styled for Good promises to wow. but I don't know if people glancing at the details on eventbrite truly expect the level of wow that Jennae and Kelly think up. WOW. Talk about a great night out, even if you aren't getting married, or a wedding vendor. Delectable bites from Crave Catering, adorable drinks (with grapefruit wedges and umbrellas), the venue enough is reason to drop your jaw, but Aria wasn't able to steal the show this time. Instead, particularly eye-catching were the aerial acrobatics and amazing illustrated backdrops (by Cait Courneya). And some I would say, not I of course, the shirtless men donning hot pink shorts. Of course Mani Mela and Che Bella knocked our socks off with their amazing brides - floating around with perfectly on-trend wedding dresses. 

The evening features large scale installations, one of a kind interactive stations & demos, delicious appetizers, sweets, curated cocktails, giveaways, a dance party, live music, and so much more!

Yes. I do think it is appropriate to follow Styled for Good starting right now, so you can keep up to date on all things Good. Well. Pip, pip. Enough from me for this week. Check out my twitter feed for updates ALL WEEK LONG for next Saturday's post!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


P.s. If ever you get a chance to taste passionfruit jello from Chowgirls - please don't pass up the opportunity. If you do, I will not be your friend. This may be a fact.