Two Wedding Websites that You HAVE to Check Out!

Hello! Did you hear? Aisle Society has unveiled their new website - ooooh aaaah. (the link is to my personal favorite: top ten most romantic elopements) What's Aisle Society? Well, it is a wonderful website with loads and loads of inspiration. Sign up and customize your site. Mine is geared towards what I am interested in as a vendor: everything. lol. 

My favorite parts: the ability to sort posts based on category, style, season, color, setting... wonderous. Also in love with Tidewater and Tulle, a blog I found on Aisle Society - and this Fun Mint and Blush Richmond Wedding - of particular note, the mrs earrings that I dare say have to be Kate Spade and the bride + pooch photo. AND I like how you can hover over posts in 'my society' and clip through the images, previews are the best.

The second wedding website that I implore you to take a gander at: Grey Likes Weddings, an online community that is more than just a blog. Of course you must explore 'the archives' which do indeed contain great finds and amazing wedding inspiration. But also check out the Ladies' Society. It's sort of a truly romantic idear isn't it: a society of matrimonial finery. tee hee. proper words. The Ladies Society includes real life proposal stories, pictures of course, and blogs written by brides going through the same process as you are. It really is a community and feels a bit like a hidden treasure.

Women—especially those in community with one another—have always played a profound and varied role in benevolence and contribution to society on both a large and small scale.

Best part: Blogstress Mavens. You can apply to share your wedding planning insights and write your own blog, for Grey Likes Weddings, during your planning process - perhaps the best way to vent about minor mishaps and celebrate engagement successes!

Need more inspiration sites? Check out this Sixpence Events wedding blog post

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,