Well, I was feeling awfully restless (big surprise) and had to get away last weekend! Off to Temperance River State Park, that's north of Duluth. That means it was rather balmy. brrrr. But it also means breathtaking views, a body of water large enough to give the allusion of the ocean, and awesome hiking. I'm in the mood for sharing so let me just tell you a little bit more...

Saturday we hiked to the top of Carlton Peak, my husband and his brother did a bit of trail maintenance along the way lol. Picture this, felled trees brought back to life momentarily while my hulk of a husband stands them upright. (WARNING: this may or may not be a small plug for the Boy Scouts of America). After 7 miles and after reaching an elevation of 1526' we'd had enough, although you most likely can never actually get enough of raging waterfalls, so we took a little trip (while the rain fell) to Voyageur Brewing in Grand Marais. AND there was live music!! WOOO!! Jim and Michelle Miller - bring on the folk music. Also featured: one rowdy pub song, a harmonica, a tin whistle and the owner of Voyager's adorable red-headed two year old. Favorite beer: Palisade Porter. We were able to zip back to our campsite and build a fire amidst falling rain drops.

Packing up in the rain the next morning it only seemed right that more beer should be on the menu, a quick breakfast at Pizza Luce followed by a few hours spent at Bent Paddle. Did I mention I like beer? Favorite beer: the Belgian one that I drank. Overall beer tastes best right from the keg. yay for craft beers! And yay for camping!

Shopping at Trader Joe's last week for our camping meals the clerk struck up a friendly conversation about weekend plans. She wondered if I was a photographer, since taking photos in northern Minnesota, on the crest of Lake Superior, is always a good idea. Of course I am not, but I do know of a few great photographers, one of course being Jeannine Marie - whose photos you are about to view. The content of said images: Rison Design floral decor. Owner Myra is very kind, and incredibly educated on all things horticultural. She delivers floral products that tend to be more than what is expected. And since I have no photos of my weekend romping in the great outdoors, thought I'd round out my post with floral inspiration from Myra.

Take for instance her involvement in the Minnesota Wedding Video Awards. The planners of the event (myself a part of them) had requested a few simple centerpieces and instead Myra really took the reins and impressed the socks off of us. Judge for yourself:

[Crystal votive stands from Mani Mela]. I mean get out of here with those test tube floral thing-a-ma-bobs. A-dor-ABLE!!

Myra's also been so kind as to provide floral for my booths at various wedding fairs, which is quite necessary and incredibly appreciated! VENDORS: the next time you are at a loss of what to put in your booth, make sure you call Myra - she'll get you started so you don't have a barren booth with business cards only! (Photography by Anna Grinets) Brides and grooms: thinking about doing favors that are plant based? Myra can definitely handle your order; for inspirational ideas head over to my Guest Favors Pinterest Board and let love grow.

So, I dare say this post is really about me traveling and about my gratitude towards Myra, for her precious flowers! 

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,