Wondering what to do for the next couple of months? Come see us! I’ll even pay for you to get in. Well, not exactly. I mean I’m not going to pick up the tab at the end of the day - but I will get you in for free. All you’ve got to do is send me an email. Quickly. It’s not like I have thousands of free admission tickets just lying around my house - there are limited numbers of these things people! CONFESSION: I do have about one hundred free admission tickets to one of the events below. By not telling you I will keep you motivated to contact quickly. I think this plan will work. Not really sure though.


Plymouth Creek Center Wedding Expo - March 5th

Guaranteed to have a great assortment of vendors (because I will be there, remember?)

Forever Bride Market - April 10th

Maybe you’ve seen an ad for this in MN Bride Magazine? Think farmers market meets wedding fair. All your vendors in one amazing venue, yes, the Radisson Blu is amazing (please don’t argue with me), and there is free parking. AND the mall is RIGHT there. Like a skywalk away. But in case you don’t want to go into the mall to shop (for obvious reasons = crowd control), your Forever Bride Market vendors will have an assortment of their own items for sale. Sixpence Events will have a ‘create your own custom garter belt’ station. Insert fanfare here. Insert Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare - it’s much more impressive. Press play and read on. FYI the photo of me makes it seem like I am the fanfare - or is that too conceited? Either way, I'm okay with it.

The Big Fake Wedding - May 24th

At the brand spankin new JX Venue Center in Stillwater. We will be your day of coordinators for this fake wedding which includes a real couple renewing their vows in front of their wedding guests (brides-and-grooms-to-be, that’s you my faithful reader). Let me break it down a little further. You go to this bridal show where two strangers profess their love for one another in front of a couple hundred strangers. You then get to celebrate their undying love with cake, and more strangers that are currently on the same wedding trajectory, and wedding industry vendors who are doing their best to vie for your love and adoration. Sounds great. doesn’t it? Or can you not focus with the Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare playing in the background? What if you didn't press play when I told you too, you'd have to start over at the beginning of this blog post. You would just have to.

welp. see ya later. (10 points to anyone who can name that movie quote) (googling is cheating. if you can’t guess it then ‘let’s just not know’) (additional 30 points to anyone who can name that movie quote) (seriously google knows everything, cheating isn’t the answer. well, it will get you the answer, however...)


Prosperity, Love, & Happiness,


p.s. ranunculus background from Angie Makes

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