Spring Break, Q&As, and the Plymouth Creek Center (not in that order)

One last thing before spring break: the Plymouth Wedding Expo! Thanks to all who stopped by our booth today, it was great to meet you and congrats to those who have already taken advantage of our exclusive deal! I LOVE seeing vendors I like, and I saw a lot of them today. Special shout out to Matt from Complete Weddings + Events, Jackie from Lancer Catering, Julie from Mintahoe Catering & Events, Susan from Affordable I do's, and Brad from Bridal Aisle. I like those vendors (aka click on their links). Check out a quick 3 Q&As from last week's wedding show panel, maybe you've had the same questions (if not, just type them in the comment section below).

Q: When should we book our hotel room block? A: Not more than a year out (depending on the hotel) but certainly as soon as you book you're venue. Rooms will fill up in more populated and popular cities and in busier wedding months (in Minnesota this equals any season when you can actually feel the warmth of the sun). 

Q: We want to pay for beer and wine at the reception, but not drinks like a 'vodka something something' etc. How do we do this? A: I always recommend hosting (paying for) a certain number of kegs/cases of beer and a certain number of cases of wine. If you want to host some hard liquor drinks then have something called 'signature drinks'. Have the happy couple-to-wed pick one favorite drink each and host those ones. Some grooms will pick Jameson and Ginger, and some brides will pick Tequila Sunrise. Or is that just me and my husband? Have all other hard liquor drinks be cash bar (guests pay for them themselves). Of course don't forget to host a certain number of non-alcoholic drinks (soda, juice) because not everyone is Irish. I mean, because not everyone drinks alcohol.

Q: What do you think about leaving favors for guests in their hotel rooms? A: I think it's an adorable touch and I love the idear! However, some hotels will charge to hand out goodies - so check before you get too wrapped up in having your guests open their hotel room doors to the cutest welcome gift that you ever did see. Otherwise you could always have favors at the rehearsal dinner the night before. My best suggestion is to find a hotel that will pass out favors for free, but that's because I'm an only child and must get my way. must.

You know that song by The Outfield? Josie’s on a vacation far away… well that’s me. Only that’s not how you spell my name, not in the least, well, only one letter off, but who cares? I mean potatoe, potato, right? Anyways - vacation for a quick little stint and then I will be meeting with all you awesome newly engaged couples who signed up for my services!

And yes. That is my family and I frolicking in the sun up above. Just in case you needed a visual lol.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,