That’s it. The most important thing to know when selecting vendors is quality. What is the quality of the service or product that you are receiving from said vendor. If the price is outrageously discounted - let’s stop and ask why. Why is their price 50% cheaper than everyone else’s? On the other hand, if their price is high - is the quality also high?

I’d love to make some exact comparisons, but I don’t want to burn any bridges (but think in terms of Walmart vs. Nordstroms). In other words I am a spineless weenie who is much too nervous and would rather be passive aggressive and whisper behind everyone’s back. 

psssst. You can make the comparisons yourself.

My point boils down to this. Would you rather have a wedding full of half ass vendors, with tons of goodies like a photo booth, 4 foot cake, DJ, uplighting, draping with twinkle lights, personalized edible favors, glittery table cloths etc. Remember they are half ass. The DJ might show up in a dirty t-shirt and play only his/her favorite songs, the personalized edible favors might taste like plastic ($10 per person plastic), the twinkle lights will be like the tree in The Grinch (‘there’s a light on this tree that won’t light on one side”) etc.

OR would you rather…

... have a wedding with a few smashing wedding vendors. These vendors dress professionally, behave like this is a black tie event, and treat you like you are the queen. of england. because america doesn’t have a queen. or a king. i’m rambling. about royalty. long live the queen.

The decision seems pretty simple when stated that way doesn’t it? Moreover, if you do want it all and your cake too think about slashing those wedding invitations to a smaller, more manageable number. It’s something to at least consider, a wedding of 100 leaves you more money to work with than a wedding of 300; unless you have your guests fast (personally that sounds horrible, because it is sort of horrible, even if it is lent season).

Don't mind me, just bursting bubbles one at a time.

Just want to bring up another thing - most fancy, elegant, exquisite venues have a small capacity. hmmm. Interesting. Also those fancy photos that you are pinning like a crack addict on pinterest: those are either styled shoots (budget = unrealistic) OR they are small weddings. OR they may be large weddings at amazing venues with all of the details built into the price. OR they are astronomical wedding budgets. Like more zeros than … uhm. than something with six zeros in it. you know.

However, after I've said all of that price is not always indicative of quality. Take, for example, Ema Baran. ps this example is applicable for wedding vendors not for brides and grooms looking for wedding vendors. Although if you (a bride or groom) wanted a unique custom designed logo to represent your love (think monogram) then it would be applicable to you. Ema has OUTRAGEOUS prices for INCREDIBLE products. That’s because she is smart. She is just starting up her business and wants to share the love. This would be the case for other new businesses; they are just starting up and are willing to have lower prices due to their inexperience but NOT because of any lacking in quality.

Example 2. Discounted wedding dresses. Maybe because they have been worn before, maybe because they aren’t from the current season. Maybe they just are missing a button. Buttons are easy to replace people! Never mind the cheap price, if it’s a designer you like, made from quality materials then buy it damnit! Sorry to shout. just trying to make a point. Check here, and here, and here for discounted dresses or just go to the shop and check it out for yourself! Note: this requires effort, i.e. this requires reading price tags before you've put it on and fallen in love.

Example 3. Bazaars. Not a real bazaar, just the concept of it. I trade my services for other services. Ergo we all win and gain something beneficial from the experience, hence I can discount my prices, knock off a few 0s for the nonmonetary positives of the interaction. This works for you only if you have something to offer, but assuredly we all have something to offer.

I think that’s quite enough for your to read and digest, but do you have any questions? Tell me about a time when you got quality at a kick ass price below!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,