1. Don’t expect them to share in all of your enthusiasm.
    For most men, getting married is about attaching themselves to you for the rest of their life, not how much lace your secret dress - the one that they are only allowed to see for one day - will have. A wedding is about partying. period. Celebrating your new life, and giving cheers to your love.

    Every so often you will have a groom who is
    very interested in details like the décor, the late night snack, or the music – but for the most part they are concerned about the budget and the beer selection. My advice: don’t equate their lack of interest in all things weddings (“peonies or hydrangeas”) to a lack of interest in marrying you. They are not one in the same. period.
  2. Involve them in the planning process!
    Do ask questions about what colors they prefer, what they want to wear, and where they want to get married. And then overrule the decisions that they make that you don’t like.
    Just kidding.
    Don’t do that.
    Being an overbearing, boss of a wife should be reserved until at least year 5, you know, the year you plant a tree for your anniversary.

  3. Compromise!
    Especially when it comes to budget. Pinterest has turned us all into divas, or is that just me? Before you put every single pin on your must have list, check out the price. Know that each added item is an item that could potentially be taking away from your honey pot. or your honey moon pot. or your life...pot?

  4. Kiss. A lot.
    Planning can be stressful. Kissing releases endorphins. Endorphins decrease stress. It’s an easy equation. kissing = stress free wedding planning. Lord knows I can help with planning, but I really only like kissing one person. (HINT: this person is not you.)

  5. Let him pick his vows.
    He’s the one saying them, make sure they are things he wants to say, that way he will say them with meaning.

  6. Surprise him with something nice during the process, whether it’s a gift the morning of or a groom’s cake – try do something to remind everyone that this wedding isn’t just about the bride. Unless there are two brides, in which case still be nice to your future spouse and share the spotlight!

How do you involve your fiancé in the planning process?

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,