A Brief Review of Love

Happy Valentine's Day! Well, almost, and close enough, really. I mean hallmark-holiday-haters will all be resemble grumpy cat for the next 48 hours or more, but Valentine's Day to me is the perfect excuse to just love on my husband even more than I do ordinarily. I take the day as a reminder to tell the ones you love, I love you, and to be extra kind to everyone else.

In a relationship? Hang out with that person, be nice to one another. Try your darndest not to be annoyed when he tries to hurry your getting-ready-routine up; open the door for her; smile at one another; look each other straight in the eye and declare your undying love for one another (unless this is a new relationship, then maybe wait a week or five). Don't just spout the usual 'love ya babe'. Hold one another's gaze and clearly state "i love you, Ted".  Unless his or her name is  not Ted. In which case, substitute Ted for their name, but maybe not their pet name, like their real name, the one you use when you're in a large crowd and can't find her or him.

And if you aren't to the I love you stage yet - how about let's just grab a beer? Melissa from Avant Decor would suggest Devil's Advocate, Fulton or even Surly.

Because, after all, holidays in the 21st century are what you make of them. So don't fret, all you single ladies (and gents), Valentine's Day can be a happy occasion for you too. In fact, my husband and I are spending the weekend with our family... we have plenty of alone time on non-commercial-holiday days and for some reason our parents (x4) really enjoy being around us. It's about love people - so spread the love.

Prosperity, Love, & Happiness,