Perhaps I could have shortened the title to just "5 Fabulous", it is a bit wordy as it stands now. But that's me: verbose and a bit off topic. So you'll just have to suck it up; it's a horrible title, but only because it contains more than 5 words.

Having just visited a few historic buildings myself I can tell you this blog post is going to be simple, straight forward, and easy to follow (ha.). Read on brave blog-reader (not sure where bravery comes in, but, perhaps, your historic house is haunted? Or perhaps because your interest got you past the inane title and actually to the content?)

  1. Follow the rules and be respectful. Don't know the rules? Ask. Some buildings are going to be located in real-people neighborhoods, who have real-people bedtimes, and real-people children. This might mean cutting the music at an appropriate time, and making sure no one drunk urinates on someone else's lawn (or the historic lawn for that matter).

  2. Accent the old. Don’t cover up amazing details - understand that the space has built in decor like: real wood paneling pre-1970s. Or columns, or incredible floor and ceiling intricacies (one house I visited has swastika tiles in the foyer. I'm not being inappropriate, at the time of tiling - 1917 - the symbol meant, and still technically does when not affiliated with Nazi Germany, "good fortune".  So that's like a really nice accent for a wedding, unless you immediately think of Nazi Germany, as anyone younger than 100 probably does. Too much history? Should we just move on? Should I have left that part out? Will the term 'Nazi' negatively affect my SEO - perhaps... per. haps.)

  3. Highlight the century. If you’ve got a house built in the 1920s go with a theme that will fit the house - this will also help inspire a color palette and decor details. AND why not Gatsby it up? Bring out the jazz ensemble, the gold and the glitz! Pass out favors for your guests to don (like headpieces or costume jewelry) so that they feel enriched by the aesthetic of the house - two become one (cue Spice Girls).

  4. Have a dress code. We aren't talking about forcing your wedding guests to spend immense amounts of money having a costume custom made for this one night event (or are we?), we just mean clue your attendees in to what you'll be wearing and how they can get in on the fun!

  5. Tell everyone about the history of the house. This helps people be more respectful. Whether it's a blurb on your wedding website or with a self-guided tour during the cocktail hour. Get them as awed about the house as you were when you initially picked it as your venue. This will help subconsciously force everyone to be more considerate of their surroundings, cut back on littering, and all around keep people on their best behavior - especially if you mention the hauntings...

You made it! As a reward I have a free Sixpence coozie or koozie (either one is autocorrected to cookie) with your name on it! Well, actually it's our name on it, but if I give it to you as a prize then you can write your name on the inside - think second grade lunch pail. Contact us to retrieve your reward.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,