I’d just like to take a moment to talk about wedding things that I am really head over heels about right now. Here’s my quick list: 10 Wedding Ideas I Love. Comment below if my ramblings just weren’t enough to satiate your thirst for Josey-ness.

  1. Perusing a&be bridal backalong, I really had a hard time not pulling out the plastic and going home with a garment I seriously don’t need (because I’m seriously married). Lace wedding dresses… with mother lovin’ sleeves. duh. Why not wrap your body in delicious, fine open fabric? And if you really feel like sleeves aren’t your thing, how about just lace all over? I mean at least the bodice. and the skirt. and some back detail.
  2. GOLD. Not just for finger jewelry (or I guess any kind of bodily jewelry) ALSO my favorite accent color. Just go to the hardware store. Buy a can of gold spray paint. Spray everything gold. Vases - check. Weird plastic animal figurines then used for who knows what - check. Seeded eucalyptus - check. Pinecones - check. Uhm. I am running out of currently socially acceptable things to spray paint gold but I am sure my brain will keep buzzing after I post this post (ha. #postpost) Oh. Cakes. Gold cakes - however if you want to eat said gold cake - perhaps let the caterer do it, they use non-chemical, safe for human consumption gold cake spray paint.
  3. Photos that highlight your guy. Well, if you are a woman, getting married to a woman; this one makes me seem like an a-hole. Sorry. Let me rephrase. Photos that highlight the person in your relationship that is not normally the center of attention. Holla! Share the spotlight ladies - or gentlemen etc.
  4. Tapered candles in ANY color. I found some here. Or ask your Great Aunt Mildred, she kept all of hers from the 1940s. I’m going to say it’s because she’s catholic, but I could be wrong.
  5. Unique but simple placecards with some sort of wonderful artwork or knickknack; READ: a piece of cardstock + guest name + doodle of a common interest. My favorites found here.
  6. Giant. Helium Filled. Balloons. Watch out though - these adorable balls of fun cost about $25-35. In case you scanned past the price, that’s twentyfive to thirtyfive dollars, that’s american cash. per. balloon. YIKES!
  7. Peonies. Seeded Eucalyptus. Ranunculus. Stock. Safari Sunset. BAM! The perfect bouquet. Okay maybe some other stuff too and maybe not all together in one gathering but those are my very favorite flowers as of right... now. See what I mean here.
  8. Natural wedding colors like sage, blush and taupe. IN fact. A wedding color palette that is sage, blush, and taupe. SOLD!
  9. Cake pops. I don’t think I really need to go in depth. Think Cocoa & Fig, think completely customizable. Perfect for late night snacks, favors or in lieu of a wedding cake.
  10. Honeycomb shapes.

Don’t even try to think that I ended the list on a simple note. Honey is the bomb (local honey and bee pollen is good for allergies, appetite suppressant, and snoring). Honeycombs are just the darn cutest. So that’s my list. Were you just wowed into inspirational ecstasy? I’m sure you were. Happy #satisfactionsunday.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


P.s. I forgot to mention thistle. I like thistle.