Okay. You called me out. I forgot to blog last Saturday! Ugh. What a jerk. Actually, no one called me out. So please, no need to forgive me. As a sign of my remorse here's a little Wednesday wonder: planning timing tips, for you from me.

Better late than never does NOT stand true in the wedding business. Wedding services are dependent on one date, non-negotiable. Once you've set things in motion vendors are either available - or their not. And the question is: do you want your first choice vendor or not?

  1. Use a timeline. The best way to stay on task is to have a task sheet. I like to put reminders in my calendar like I'm scheduling an appointment. Think 'pay caterer on the 25th' and then set an alert to go off 1 day prior. Nobody likes late fees, my suggestion - for sure do this for any payments due. My other suggestion do this for time sensitive items like sending out save the dates and invitations. Check out one of the best timelines online, available right this very moment, from my favorite wedding registry, Zola.
  2. Get things done, earlier than later. Seriously. Want a venue: book it; love a photographer: sign the contract! The longer you wait the more likely it is that they've already been booked.
  3. Get to work! Saving details for a month before the big day could mean details get left out. The month before your wedding will most likely be busy and at the very least full of pre-wedding jitters. Collect your friends and complete any DIY projects more than a month in advance, you won't regret it. 
  4. Plan ahead. Finalize your honeymoon plans and ready thank you cards before the big day. After the wedding you might just want to relax and not organize anything wedding related for some time.

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Photo credit: Venue: Spark Letterpress, Stylist: Forever Bride, Photographer: Dillinger Studios Photography, Floral: Candlelight Floral & Gifts