A lot of venues now have their own wedding coordinators that are there to help with the details on site. So, why do you need a wedding planner? Isn't that adding too many cooks into the kitchen, or too many [insert a witty wedding analogy here].

To be fair, the facility does not provide you with a wedding planner, their coordinator is involved in sales, they are ultimately there to take care of those things that are facility contracted. So they care about the ceremony being on time and drunken guests getting home safely. The wedding coordinator on-site cares most about getting you in and out of the venue on time, regardless of any vendor no-shows or late-shows, they care about the food going out on time (an orchestrating feat to say the least). This is good. We want them to care about these things. We want these things to go off without a hitch. But they are not so concerned with your personal items or personal issues, unless they are really nice (and yes, we know who those people are).

The wedding planner, however, is superwoman (just kidding. kind of). She is the liaison between the vendors and the bride and groom (that'd be you) - as well as the facility and the bride and groom (that's still you), not to mention the liaison between grabby "uncle" jimmy (that's hopefully not you) and the bride and groom. Without a wedding planner, the bride and groom are approached constantly with last minute glitches, changes, and stressors (and one too many drunken hugs). Or, insert wedding planner here, the wedding planner gets approached with all of the last minute glitches, changes, and stressors (handles those drunken hugs with style).

As wedding planners, we care most about getting you to have the best time of your life. This means that you don't get to worry, stress, and or care about minor details that don't go as planned (because you never even know about them, because you are having the best time of your life). We care if people are late, and so we are orchestrating timing. We care if the centerpieces aren't quite perfect, so we are orchestrating detailing. We care if the cake needs to be refrigerated, so we buy dry ice ... you get the picture. We care because that's the point, we don't want to sell you on anything, we want you to have the perfect day.

But don't just take my word for it, check out the following:

Video. Other person's blog. Another video. Huffington Post Article (read: very credible source). Point and case.

Now that you're convinced, call us, schedule an appointment and let us convince you in person!

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