We are gearing up for the October 11th Wedding Fair, you know, the one at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Yes. The same one that you are going to be at, we are going to be at too! And how will you know who we are, how will you know how to find us? Well, first of all we are between the café (pronounced: coffee-recharge-station-for-emergencies-and-what-not) and the fashion show entrance. Prime. Second of all, we will have our name, Sixpence Events & Planning, all over our booth - because we know how to brand ourselves, duh. And lastly, you will know it's us (or that we are we) because, like every other wonderful wedding professional at this extravagant event, we will have name tags (pronounced: hello my name is).

Not the ordinary, boring, plain, name tags. oh no. Ours are paper-flower-boutonnieres! Ooh. ahh. I know! How does this apply to you, the DIY/not-so-ordinary/adventurous bride? Easy. Here's the link for the tutorial that I used, why not try them out for your next wedding related event? Bridal shower, Rehearsal dinner, Ceremony?! How adorable if your guests could keep the flowers as a favor (two-in-one, always a good quality). 

This project: supplies and time for 2 name tags:

2 pieces of card stock 12x12 (99 cents each. you can afford this) I hardly used any of the green card stock - I would estimate you could get 12 flowers worth of leaves out of a 12x12 sheet - or in english, 36 leaves from a 12x12.

I used old broaches for the pinning-on part, I already had a glue stick gun (and half a glue stick), and the letter stickers. Though, if you are a DIY-bride, I'm sure you have bits and pieces of these things hidden at the bottom of your craft tote (mine is a craft basket).

Time. This project was finished before Pride & Prejudice was, you know the one with Keira Knightley and all those other swoon-worthy British people who make you wish you had lived in a Jane Austen contrived world. So just try it! What's the worst that could happen? Shouldn't have said that. Now I'm nervous. Please use safety scissors (circa 3rd grade), wear protective hand gear, and always, always, always, ask for help if you need it (like, in the comment section below). 

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


*Many thanks to Jordan from Oh Happy Day and Brittany from The House that Built Lars. I am really good at tracing and following direction but really need the visual inspiration of other people's creations. That being said, do you want to do this project for your own event? Are you not-so-ordinary and adventurous, but not really a DIY bride? You're in luck! We can do this for you, woot woot, check out the services page for special events and add-on pricing.

I love arts and craft time, let me help you! Email me at

P.S. this is my first blog post, we all have to start somewheres.