Fricken rhymes with chicken. That's how I feel right about now; like a ragged chicken. You know the fake rubber ones, perhaps sans neck flap thing. But besides that I feel ecstatic! Let me introduce you to some fabulous vendors that have recently had the pleasure of being stuck in a room with me for 8-12 hours. (it was a large room)(it also had windows and lots of artsy distracting installations).

Jen Santoro-Rotty. Hair. Makeup. Wonders.

Dillinger Studios. Rockstar with a bun and a camera (or two... or ten).

Candlelight Floral. Classic. Timeless. Lovely.

Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen. I said cake, what else is there? Delicious cake.

Carver Junk Co. Look for excellent pieces to tie it all together? They've got that.

JB Hudson Jewelers. Talk about timeless. Knockout rocks for your wearing pleasure. 

Forever Bride. Wouldn't you like to shop from local vendors that are willing to knock a few bucks off of their prices? I would to. I mean, I do too. I mean... yes, please.

The White Room. Gorgeous dresses, gorgeous studio. Go to the latter and try on the former.

Eidecom. Excuse me business owners - you're going to need this cinematographer. Trust me.

Spark Letterpress. Our wonderful hosts. Without whom we would have been photographing near the large green dumpster in the street, wrapped in sleeping bags. Not a great picture (pun).

Great vendors. Amazing people. They really worked their butts right off. And I am so excited to make you wait, and wait, and wait....

... to see the results of this stylized shoot.

Keep waiting. 

Huge thanks to our beautiful models: Abby, Natalie and Haley; and Ellie Weber - stylist extraordinaire, and all of those aforementioned vendors. Together these people literally (okay, not literally, but you know what I mean) blew my mind. Because they were super great to work with, and because I almost cried at how perfectly the day went (ask Ashley. I teared up one time. ask Ellie - I would cry, don't tempt me).

So keep on waiting. It'll be more than worth it! (See photos here!!)


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,