If you’re like me then you’ve just recently graduated from that stage in life where you decorate your walls with frameless kodak photos. Sometimes you might cut out the pictures in order to exclude people you don’t really like. How to affix your collage of people to the wall? Tape. Tape is your middle name, or tape is your best friend, or your best friends middle name…

However, once you get married you have to make your space nice. It’s like a rule or something. Social constructs demand it. You can no longer use scotch tape as a wall hanger - in adult talk they are called command strips and in the adult world command strips are okay to use. Thus leads us to this week’s blog post:

How to decorate your adult house using your wedding photos: A tutorial for those trying their best not to upset what is socially acceptable.

Step 1: Get your pictures framed. Polaroids are the only exception, and even then…

Step 2: Have it be matted. No, not that tangly mess that your cat gets on its belly. A mat, that thick fancy paper that frames your photo in a frame. oh yeah. frame frame. (it’s fun to do and to say. frame frame).

Step 3: Go for the larger size for at least one photo. 4x6s are no longer a thing, even if you jazz em up with a frame frame… ignoring my advice would be a shame shame. (drop that beat)...

Minor disclaimer: Perhaps don’t follow the order I’ve given these steps, logic would have you picking the size of your photo before framing it.

Step 4: Pick photos that have emotion - instead of the traditional prom pose, pick photos where you’re sharing a moment, sharing a secret or sharing a kiss.

Good luck pretending to be an adult, now get out there and frame frame!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,



Header Photo: Crystal Joy Photography