Nobody really likes waiting, but in this instance, you want to wait.


Waiting will give you amazing, high quality, gorgeous wedding photos that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Why? Because you’ve likely hired a photographer who edits the photos they take, at the very least they sort and cull your photos. What the f bomb is culling? It’s where they select the best photos from the whole barrage of photos that were taken.

Waiting patiently yields a happy photographer and a happy photographer will give the best of themselves to you.


Before you enter the waiting game, make sure you have a clear understanding of the photo delivery process. Will you get a sneak peek photo right after your wedding? When is the full gallery expected by and in what form? Will it be a password protected link in 5-7 weeks? A zip drive mailed within 2 months? However or whatever it is, be sure you brush up on your contract and remind yourself of how long you’ll have to wait.

So, how the heck do you wait patiently? How about one (or all) of these options - tried, true and tested.

  1. Review the photos that your guests took. While your phone is probably not the best accessory for your wedding gown, your guests are sure to be snappy happy. Use an app to collect all of the photos, I like Capsule, because it's free and instagram friendly.

    EXTRA TIP: If you are using a hashtag tell your guests about it (multiple times and in multiple forms) so that it actually gets used.

  2. Have a photo booth. Which equals instant and hilarious photos. A photo booth is also a really great way to inject your personality in some additional decor. Robin + Tom opted for some killer DIY props that included a replica of Tom’s salt and pepper beard. Who wouldn’t want to wear the groom’s beard!?!

    EXTRA TIP: If you are using Polaroid cameras ensure that 1. They are charged and/or there are extra batteries 2. You leave clear instructions with a picture guide on how to load the camera and take the pictures 3. You include a mini garbage for wrappers and waste 4. Don’t go boring with your backdrop, be creative!

  3. DON'T ask your photographer if your photos are ready yet. Instead completely forget that they are being edited to perfection. Instead enjoy being married, live in the moment, and get your last named changed - by the time you’re done waiting in line with your social security card your pictures will be done and you'll have a new identity - or you will be declared insane... goodie. Not changing your name, uhmmmm just be patient bro.

    EXTRA TIP: Don’t be a diva.

Again, know exactly how long your photos might take, and then go by the longer estimate, that way when your photographer finishes sooner you will be pleasantly surprised.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness (+ patience),

Header photo: Aqua Fox Photography