I'm not saying you shouldn't have cake. You must. People will boycott your wedding if you don't have cake. They just will. Some people just have a small fancy cake and serve sheet cake to pass around to the masses. Wah wah. Why not, instead, pass around a desert that people won't be expecting? Here are some ideas to consider (to accompany your small fancy cake that you hoard for only you and your hubby, rightly so).

  1. Cake pops. Believe me when I tell you that they taste better than you can imagine. Plus cake is in the name, so no wedding guest can think you are skimping on wedding traditions.
  2. Pie. Sweet, Minnesota made pie. Or if yo hare really hip and adventurous: pie pops aka pie on a stick.
  3. DIY cupcakes. Think sprinkles and frosting - get creative or get fancy. Best part: you can have more than one type of cupcake; people like options.
  4. Giant cheesecake. Yummy. If it's heart shaped it means you and your husband love each other more.
  5. Ice cream bar: think portable Cold Stone.
  6. Combo table. Like I said, people like options.

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