8 Must Have Items for Your Head Table

It's almost been one week since our last bridal show and we are already missing the bright lights, the chaos of you brides and your entourage, and the Minneapolis Convention Center. boo hoo. So in order to stave our separation anxiety for a bit longer, here are the items from our head table, that you must have for your own, and how to get them!

1. Floral garland and bouquet. Graciously donated by Donato's Floral in Maple Grove. We suggest setting an appointment so you can go in and pick out exactly what you want, Maria is easy to work with and super friendly - she's like that aunt that you like more than the cousins.

2. Personalized name tags with gold glittery clothespins. Now all you need is someone with good handwriting (found here) and good muscle tone (here again). Or check out local artists like Your Hand Made Invites or Kanpe fèm, please be careful when perusing that last link - her handwriting is amazing and it will make you swoon. The clothespins are easy: find a bag of clothespins at a second-hand store or antique store and Mod Podge and glitter at the craft store, then prepare to feel the excitement of 3rd grade art class!

3. Stackable dinnerware and personalized menus. We found our charges and dinnerware at Bride To Be Consignment, and a little gold paint helped to jazz them up. The menus were printed on card stock - embellishments added with fine tip permanent marker. Menu items were snagged from Butcher & the Boar, did you know they did private events? Like rehearsal dinners or receptions? Now you know.

4. One-of-a-kind garter belt. Made by Three Comforts, who is always available to make personalized items for your wedding day. Not pictured but just as adorable, as you may remember: bow ties, veil, ring pillow and personalized fragrance (no wonder our booth smelt so darn good!). 

5. Personalized silverware. Cake cutting silverware is a must but what about His & Hers forks? We bought ours from Butler House Creations, check her out here.

6. Chalkboard. Signage is so on trend right now, so make sure you have it, and make sure it looks professional. Help provided here or I would recommend Kanpe fèm again, for everything. Equally as talented: Girl Friday. Not to mention that both of these business names get the feminist in me shouting for more! hoot hoot!

7. Sparkly heels. The ones we used can be found in Sarah's closet, not for sale, but check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

8. Gold sequin tablecloth aka best for last. You've got two options: rent or buy. If you rent from places like Linen Effects or Aprés Party and Tent Rental, you don't have to worry about laundering and are sure to find quantity. If you buy, you might just be able to find a deal that costs the same as renting (like we did) - which means you can keep for future use (like we did) OR resell at places like Bridal Aisle or rent out using Rentivist. Hint: if you are buying you can find precut and hemmed linen OR you can buy in bolts. Depending on your sequined fabric skill level.

Happy hunting! (But of course remember we can hunt these items down for you - click here to ask for more help!)

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,