I always say, you spend a LOT of money on your wedding dress, you are going to want to make sure you photograph the sh*t out of it! Especially since you really don't wear your dress again, you really don't. I mean so far I haven't, three years after the fact I've only even opened the preservation box once, and I feel really guilty for having done so.

But even if you do wear it again you still want photos of your dress, so here are 17 Ways to Photograph Your Wedding Dress. And of course, by you, I mean a wedding photographer, like Nicole McCoy Photography, who has lent me the photos for this post, thanks Nicole, your images are great!

Okay, feeling that much more motivated to dig out my wedding dress, put it on, and snap a selfie... actually, I will do that. To keep me honest I am going to say... check out my Instagram (where there will be a photo of me, in said wedding dress), I promise It'll be worth your while. And while you're at it, hit "follow", and get my goofy face in your feed, for. ever.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,