We are lucky, here in Minnesota. Not because we are nowhere near any earthquake inducing fault lines, nor is it because we lack the surmounting issues of overpopulation or dangerous pollution levels (there's plenty of 'sota for everyone here). No, it's much simpler than that, we are lucky because we have this thing, this thing that might be the bane of some people's existence, we have seasons. 

Oh. You thought it was going to be something different?

Having a real summer, a real spring and fall, and the longest winter this side of Canada ever, is a reward. It means you can have most any type of wedding that you want. We've even got shorelines!! (Thank you Lake Superior for acting like an ocean). This also means I have got a real great collection of venues for you, a venue for every season!

First look at Lyndale Peace Park Garden Lake Harriet | STUDIO KH | Sixpence Events & Planning

For seasons when you want to be outside in minimal clothing:

  1. Hope Glen Farm | Cottage Grove
  2. Lyndale Park Peace Gardens | Minneapolis
  3. Camrose Hill | Stillwater
  4. Winehaven Winery | Chisage City
  5. Hyland Hills Chalet | Bloomington
  6. MN Horse and Hunt Club | Prior Lake
bride and groom portraits in front of window | Studio KH | Sixpence Events & Planning

For seasons when you might want to take shelter:

  1. Union Depot | St. Paul
  2. Day Block Brewery | Minneapolis
  3. Loring Social | Minneapolis
  4. JX Event Venue | Stillwater
  5. Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center | Bloomington
  6. Glensheen Mansion | Duluth
city wedding image | Day Block Brewery | STUDIO KH | Sixpence Events & Planning

Notice something? Any venue is good, anytime of the year, so don't be afraid to get married outside... in the snow. Or hide inside in the summer (it does rain so cover isn't a bad idea). What's your favorite Minnesota venue?


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


All images by Studio KH