Va va voooooom. Boudoir shots, sexy shoulders, and brides that are seductive as all get out. Pleased to meet you Rochelle, owner and lead photographer of Dillinger Studios. And as I write this I reflect on my experiences with Rochelle. Of course I've worked beside her before, and what I've got to say is important if you are thinking of choosing a different photographer other than Dillinger. Rochelle is punctual, creative, she's calm and works hard. She's not one to look at her watch and say- 'welp, too bad I'm outta here!' She works it for her clients and as a planner, I love that.

Rochelle's favorite second shooter: husband. Aww how cute. But seriously these two in action = well oiled machine. She loves merlot, gold with softer color accents like pale pinks or greens but can't get enough of the color wine this year (check out her own beauty shots). Her favorite places to shoot = anything with patina or character - old breweries, libraries, elegant mansions. 

My favorite season is fall and beginning of winter - I love the snow but am over it by March, ha!

Her favorite grooms wear: for sure slick watches, "I love it when men get to have a killer accessory cause usually girls get all the jewelry". When I ask her about her ideal menu she answers: "menu ....hmm. I'd have to think - I'm pretty breezy about food, but I like stuff that has a scratch cooked feel to it - hearty and filling ....probably because I'm burning a million calories when I'm at weddings so these are the things I think of!!" Calorie dense, my kinda food!

Also in love with just how light and airy and romantic her photos turnout. So, look at her website. Look at her Instagram and hire her. At least that's my recommendation. In case you fingers don't feel like clicking, I've included some photos below.

Fortunately for us, weddings are just one part of Rochelle's business. Another type of photos she does incredibly well... boudoir. Now, don't cringe. Boudoir doesn't have to result in photos you'd never let your grandma see - they can be really tasteful and incredibly stunning. p.s. first one's my FAVORITE!!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,