Initially this blog post was a vendor spotlight of Dillinger Studios (one of my favorite wedding photographers) and the lead photographer Rochelle.


After 14 months and a few very popular pins on Pinterest, it's clear to me those the people want more of that burgundy/wine/deep red bridesmaids dresses... and nothing else. JK. But with nearing 500k repins, it can no longer be ignored.

Although I hope you are also in love with the pose of the bridesmaids (the pose that Rochelle organized), the editing of the photo of the bridesmaids (which Rochelle edited), and the layout of the image, like how there's all of the dress in the picture and then some green things and that makes it look pretty (again, Rochelle is to blame).

The original text of this post can be found below, below the pictures, otherwise..

If you would like to order 5-7 bridesmaids dresses in bordeaux, you can do so on the Wedding Shoppe website, click here. Personally I also really like these ones too from Kennedy Blue, and this one is really similar as well.

The reason why this wedding is so darn pretty, and so darn appealing is the mix of 1 dark accent color, followed by whites and pale shades of pink and greenery. It doesn't hurt that the bride has a gorgeous relaxed hair style with corresponding highlights (or are those lowlights?). These images are screaming for you to pin them... 'PIN ME!'.

The other vendors featured in that wedding: the real bridesmaid dresses // David's Bridal | Bridal gown //  Bridal Accents Couture | Floral // Sadies Couture Floral | Event Planner // Vanessa Sexton Events 2016


Va va voooooom. Boudoir shots, sexy shoulders, and brides that are seductive as all get out. Pleased to meet you Rochelle, owner and lead photographer of Dillinger Studios. 

Of course I've worked beside her before, and I'm always really happy. Rochelle is punctual, creative, she's calm and works hard. She's not one to look at her watch and say- 'welp, too bad I'm outta here!' She works it for her clients and as a planner, I love that.

Rochelle's favorite second shooter: husband. Aww, how cute. But seriously these two in action = well oiled machine. She loves merlot, gold with softer color accents like pale pinks or greens but can't get enough of the color wine (check out her own beauty shots). Her favorite places to shoot = anything with patina or character - old breweries, libraries, elegant mansions. 

"My favorite season is fall and beginning of winter - I love the snow but am over it by March, ha!"

Her favorite grooms wear: for sure slick watches, "I love it when men get to have a killer accessory cause usually girls get all the jewelry". 

Personally, I'm in love with just how light and airy and romantic her photos turnout. So, look at her website. Look at her Instagram and hire her. At least that's my recommendation.

Fortunately for us, weddings are just one part of Rochelle's business. Another type of photos she does incredibly well... boudoir. Now, don't cringe. Boudoir doesn't have to result in photos you'd never let your grandma see - they can be really tasteful and incredibly stunning. p.s. first one's my FAVORITE!!


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,