10 Wedding Details that Make Your Photos Pop!

Not every wedding has to be completely Pinterest inspired. Some weddings, or some parts of your wedding, can actually just be based on your life. WAHHHH???? You'll need wedding details that make your photos pop.

I mean, do you really like horses? Or did you grow up using a polaroid camera? Do you push small children out of the way when presented with sparklers? Do you have French or Swedish or Mexican ties and want to incorporate your heritage in your wedding? DO IT! And if you can't think of how a certain detail will look at your wedding, check out these photos from my fave, Kelly Birch Photography -- tada!

  1. A horse or other live animal (like a GOAT! or your cat, or dog...)
  2. A vintage trailer - place for the boys to hang out
  3. Sparklers
  4. Polaroid pictures
  5. Unexpected dessert bites, like macarons
  6. Vintage vehicle
  7. Stunning backdrops
  8. Quirky decor
  9. Flashy accessories
  10. Signage that includes the language of your origin (or whatever ethnicity you feel you want to identify with)

BONUS: I thought of more, like I thought, if I did my wedding again, what would it include?

  1. It would be a waste-free wedding, so nothing that couldn't be composted or recycled (I know this is possible) (actually a few caterers do this specifically like Atlas Grill Catering and We Cater to You... among others). Bamboo plates are adorable also.
  2. We would have a food truck - and less chairs than people, to encourage mingling (and make for better pictures).
  3. Multi-purpose bouquet/flowers -- okay stay with me because this one is going to be a tangent for sure. But. What if the floral decor on the inside aisle of each row for the ceremony were assigned to a guest. So, after the wedding party recessional, each person sitting in the inside row grabbed a bouquet and walked in a pretty line to the reception area - then all those bouquets became the table centerpieces!?? weird? I don't know, but it would be worth the photo of like a line of pretty wedding guests all carrying a bouquet. Plus if I was that wedding guest I would feel SO special. Okay. end.
  4. NO jackets for the boys, and they can just wear clothes they already own. lol this would make the photo pop! (Because they would just look regular and the bride and groom would be like SHA BANG! #SewperFANCY)
  5. Definitely I would have gotten two (LESS expensively priced) dresses. One for each part of the wedding, and if I could've they would've been my mom's and my MIL's. But to be fair they were like way skinnier than I was when they got married, than when I got married...
  6. More action photos. Like the groomsmen hiking or the bridesmaids by a waterfall laughing and cheers-ing. This would have been possibly because we got married by a waterfall in Washington, where there is lots of tree forest areas.

That's what I got, to stimulate your creative flow. I'd add more but my favorite number is 6 and because I am a child, I have to stick to 6. Bring on the photos!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,