10 Appetizer Ideas that Won't Bore

It can be difficult, selecting a menu for your wedding that screams sophisticated, but one that people won't be afraid to eat. After all, you and your fiancé may have grown and cultivated a taste in food that no longer looks like the home cooked dinners your moms made when growing up.

And while you can't control whether or not your guests have food allergies (I mean, technically you could just not invite them, but that's hardly the point of a wedding... right?), you can absolutely control what menu you select and the foods that you choose to feed your family and friends.

Before you feel stressed out about yet another decision making process for your wedding that you didn't see coming, meet Quince and owner Brooke.

Brooke's got your back.

She's gone through the painstaking process of learning and researching and perfecting the process of feeding large groups of people, with different likes and dislikes, and making it all still seem fancy and as far away from the cold-chicken-cutlets horror stories you might have heard.

We've brainstormed some great appetizer ideas for server-manned stations, for butler passing, or for setting at the dinner table. Try not to drool.

  1. Cheese boards
    Guests can pick what they want from an assortment, which always is a crowd pleaser. It's like, you know they are going to like everything on the board, but given the power of choice your guests feel like culinary experts. Having a cheese board station can add visual appeal to an otherwise bland cocktail room.

    "I always pile on the cheese wheels and accompaniments so as to make it look abundant." - Brooke

    Servers chip away at a large wheel of cheese and your wedding guests let out a sigh of relief knowing there is no way they will starve. Including seasonal fruits can give a nice balance to breads, crackers, meats and fancy olives etc. My personal favorite is smoked cheddar and peperoncinos, in case I'm invited to your wedding and you want to make sure there's something for Josey.

  2. Crudite
    The fancy word for veggies and dip, but think roasted, raw and marinated vegetables with dipping sauces made with fresh herbs and vinaigrettes. This can be an extension of the cheese tray or at a separate location entirely. Put a combo of veggies in a tiny cup with a dollop of dip and butler pass those suckers to avoid congestion at the food stations.
  3. Mini Taco Station
    Short digression. I have a three year old friend with a high amount of curiosity, and as any of you with the same-aged friends will know, sometimes there's just no preparing for the type of questions you might get asked. The other day it was: 'What's your favorite food?' Praise be to god that's any easy one, TACOS.

    I could have a taco a day from now until eternity and it still wouldn't be enough tacos. I'm guessing a lot of people feel the same way and that's why I particularly love Brooke's suggestion to have a taco station. Try short rib tacos with pickled onions and homemade salsa on the side.
  4. Jamon Station
    Yeah, I had to look that one up too. Jamon, or cured Spanish ham, can be set up as a manned station. Servers carve the ham on site and guests can pick from an assortment of sides.
  5. Tartines
    What's nice about tartines is that they appear kid friendly, an open faced sandwich will appease even the least daring of wedding guests. No need to have servers at this station, set tartines out on trays of varying heights and then just have the trays refilled as needed. Or take those babies to go and have them butler passed around the room.
  6. Biscuit Sandwiches
    Clearly more of a brunch idea, but if you are having breakfast for dinner, this appetizer seems like a no brainer. You can see more about brinner (breakfast for dinner) here.

    And let's not forget those guests who have dietary restrictions. Instead of singling out guests who are likely already self-conscious about their food allergies, opt to have delicious appetizers that can appease everyone and anyone at your wedding.
  7. Gluten free: Hazelnut cracker (TO replace wheat cracker) with plum jam and brie cheese.
  8. Dairy free: Carrot tapenade (TO replace creme fresh) with onion cream and sprig of parsley.
  9. Vegan: Garlic, pumpkin seed, pistachio, and blackened onion spread (TO replace meat) on a tartine with radishes.
  10. Vegetarian/Gluten free: Buckwheat pancakes (TO replace flour pancakes) with smoked salmon roses on top

If that doesn't get your creative juices flowing (READ: saliva) then I don't know what will, but likely Brooke will. Follow Quince on Instagram and hire her for your wedding... not just about hors d'oeuvres, they do dinner too.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,
Josey Stafford


Photos by Jaimee Morse Photography