How to Add Dogs to Your I Do Day


If you have pets, who are terribly important in your life and in your relationship, you should incorporate them into your big day. Whether it's family photos or an escort down the aisle, Lara with Doggy Social talks all about how to make it happen, the easy way.


A pet sitting service that enables you to have your fur babies by your side on the day of your wedding. Obviously, I am not a pet person. But I whole heartedly support you having the most important people and pets by your side on your big day, this includes your dog, your cat, even your goat.


Lara meets your dog beforehand, but on the day of she will pick up your pooch, bring them to your photo locations, your ceremony and even stay with them during the reception. She feeds them, has a fanny pack full of treats and poop bags, and will even help them look at the camera.

Basically she's a trained professional to get the job done. You won't need to worry about inconveniencing someone, who you'd really rather be able to attend your entire wedding, to have them make trips back and forth between your house and your wedding.

Lara even offers a few services above and beyond what the neighbor girl could accommodate, listen to this episode for more and for an exclusive listener discount!


Searching for more ideas on how to incorporate your pets? Check out this article, How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding. And what about what they should wear? A floral collar? A bow tie leash? Check out Doggy Social MN on Pinterest.


A few doggy friendly wedding venues in the Twin Cities area: