Renting Your Wedding Decor


This episode is all about renting your decor and how Vanilla and Gold can help your wedding be extraordinary. If you are renting some decor, but then bringing some of your own that you've purchased or lent from friends make sure that you've got your shit together.


Don't just have a scratch of paper listing what items you've rented. It happens all the time that you brides and grooms keep all the information to yourselves (totally on accident) and then when it comes time to set up or clean up, nobody knows what the f*ck is happening because you forgot to tell them what is happening.


I suggest having a list of all the decor that you have rented, including quantities and color description. If items are really similar to what you might be providing out of your own personal stores, then label what is yours or include a picture on the lists.

Don't forget to label where things go. You know that the memorial table goes to the left of the door because you talked about it during your walkthrough with the venue. BUT do you have a room layout? Did you label this on the box that the memorial table frames are coming to the venue in? Did you tell whomever is setting up that the memorial table gets 4 votives and 1 vase with white roses (that your mom is picking up in the morning) and does that person know which grandparents go on which side of the table?


It gets to be a lot, amiright? But the whole point is that you need to communicate ALL of this. Don't get lazy the week of your wedding and assume it will all get figured out. It will get figured out and you'll have to help with the figuring, INSTEAD of enjoying your wedding morning.

Don't just assume purchasing and reselling decor is the easiest and least expensive option. Cause it might not be.

Lastly, good luck! You got this.