Two Brides, One Wedding


Julia and Johanna are great. They not only planned a wedding that represented who they are as a couple, they had a wedding that they loved. It was likely one of the best fits I've had with clients and if you are anything like them, please hire me, lol.


We all think that having your officiant be a person who knows you well, who can eloquently speak about your love, is a grand idea. However, because this is not their job, they might need a bit more guidance. Like, they might be relying on you to write your wedding program, including your vows. They likely will not understand that they are responsible for mailing in your signed marriage license once your wedding is over. This part is important, ensure that you have this conversation, your officiant needs to make your wedding legal.


How do you decide whose last name to take? Do you merge last names with a hyphen? Do you make up a new last name? Whatever decision that you make, it's got to be a mutual decision that feels right for the two of you. Whether its combining your last names like Engle Olsen (Episode 009) or taking the other person's last name, be open to the conversation.


You're guests are dying to know more about the two of you as a couple. They might just know you or just your fiancé, they might be family or they might just be curious. Let them see who you (pl.) are by using some of these great tips:

  1. Personalize your escort cards. Julia and Johanna used mugs and they doubled as favors.

  2. Opt for a menu that fits who you (pl.) are. If you like vegan food, have vegan options, if you don't want cake, get Izzy's ice cream instead.

  3. Spice up your cocktail hour with games or activities that you can infuse your personality into. Corn hole (or bean bag toss for non-Midwesterners), and other lawn games, a slide show, a photo display, or even non-traditional appetizers.

  4. If you want to wear pants, wear pants, if you want your dress to highlight your fresh arm tattoo, do it up brother!

  5. Let go of the weather worries, because your pictures will capture your mood. If you're cranky about the sun playing peek-a-boo, that crank face will be permanently in your wedding photos.

  6. Include your pets. YES! Have a flower pup and a ring bearing pooch, just make sure you have a designated dog sitter as well.

You can find more ideas on these two blog posts, How to Pack Personality Into Your Wedding Part I and How to Pack Personality Into Your Wedding Part II.


Save your money for your wedding during your engagement. Instead of opting for that concert or vacation, pay off a wedding vendor early. That way, the month of your wedding isn't a complete drain on your bank account.

Wondering how much your wedding is going to cost and how in the heck you are to know how much money to spend on it? No worries pal, I got your back. Ready, Set, Wed is going to walk you through determining your wedding wants and your wedding costs. Click here to get started.