How to Design Your Wedding Without Breaking the Bank


The hardest part of planning weddings is the fact that there are so many variables that go into your wedding to make it look seamless.

Something that brides and grooms should remember is having the perspective and expectations. Your day can be amazing, wonderful, and beautiful if you make it that way. Accept that things will go wrong on your wedding day, not everything will be perfect.


It's all about the balance. To keep your wedding plans from invading every moment of your life, establish date nights or days of the week where there is NO wedding talk. Instead, focus on enjoying being engaged. This will help to create sanity in your life. Also, delegate and outsource. Hire people like planners and designers to help you. If you are DIY-ing things for your wedding, have a project party and make it a fun bridal party get together event.

Keep yourself in wedding planning balance, i.e. moving forward, by having a plan. Use tools like Wed by Design or AislePlanner to help you through the  planning process.


Your guests want to feel special. Make it feel as if you are inviting them all into your home for a dinner party. Make them feel like they are a part of your life. Make them feel honored to be there by having a receiving line or immediately thanking everyone by making a toast before the reception starts. Have a heartfelt thank you. Your guests have done a lot to be there, and they want to feel appreciated. Is that asking too much?!


Grooms... get involved! Set expectations for what you want and can do. Be honest and be there for your bride-to-be (or for your slightly more into wedding planning groom-to-be). Take the reigns on a few of the checklist items, like the bar menu and ordering, transportation, and getting a head start on the thank you cards (given your handwriting is legible). Talk through all the things with your fianc√© and let each them know what you like and don't like for your wedding.  

Communication is key when it comes to planning your wedding and staying sane. Keep focusing on the why of your wedding. Tune out the noise. Focus on the love you have for your spouse.

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