How to Get Married at Your Grandparents Farm



Times have changed and the average age that people are getting married at is older. This means you have more responsibilities, more bills (and loans) and have establish more independence. All great things, even though adulting can seem unmanageable at times. But being that you are more established, this should give you a great advantage. Unfortunately our lives seem filled to the brim with commitments and the idea of finding more time to plan something may seem like an unrealistic idea.

Make sure that you carve out time together, time for just you and your fiancé to decide on things for your wedding. When you work together, the process will be a lot smoother. Another thing that makes your wedding more calm waters and less stormy seas?

Having a wedding planner.

Even if they come in later in the game, like a day of coordinator, they are so important to have. They help with the timeline of your wedding, they confirm vendors the week of your wedding and they take care of little mishaps and orchestrating guests on the day of. They do it so you, your fiancé, your family members, and your friends don't have to.


Wanna be a frugal bride? A penny pinching groom? Find the people in your life who can help with setting tables, who can bake you a cake, who can DJ your dance or who will lend you wedding related decor. You will be surprised at how gracious people are, if you just ask nicely.


Honestly, it was good. Having a day of coordinator is a huge help. They help you all throughout the week before and the night before. They will call vendors for the final check up and this is vital.

While Allie's wedding planner made all the final calls, she stresses that there is nothing wrong with you calling the hotel or calling vendors to check in. If this will help to calm your nerves, then do it. If you're feeling off about something, call and confirm.

JOSEY'S COMMENTARY : "I deal all the time with vendors that can really come off as peeved when I call to confirm details or triple check timing of this or of that. OH well. I mean, this is you're big day, F-it if the person on the other end of the line or email seems to be less than enthused about you asking them a question. As long as you are friendly, kind and clear, well, there will always be grumps in the world. Thank the Lord that poopy pants isn't invited to your wedding."


ENJOY THE PROCESS. Don't feel like you don't have enough time - you do have enough time.  Be intentional, it's OK to make a decision so stop wallowing in indecision. Stop overanalyzing all the information and the quotes and the emails, go with your gut and move forward. Definitely, hiring a planner or a day of coordinator will help you enjoy your day.