It's not just one day, it's not just planning your wedding...

This is serious. It's a big investment to have a wedding planner or a day of coordinator help you on your way to wedding success. I know I can be that person for you, your guide, your friend, your nuptial sage, and so do these previous Sixpence Events clients.




"Everything went better than expected and we are both really happy about our wedding day. You made my day so easy and amazing. You are so supportive and helped in every way. Thank you for all of your help!"



"Josey, Thank you for helping to make our wedding possible. Your personality and positive energies are infectious.

I knew as soon as I met you that you were the wedding planner for us!

Thank you for keeping me calm and happy amidst all the wedding planning chaos. We truly couldn't have done it without you. Love, John and Sonja."

Justin and Jacob| grooms wedding | Photo by Carly Milbrath | Sixpence Events and Planning day of coordinator at Paikka


"I didn’t realize how valuable having a good day-of coordinator would be until the wedding day actually arrived!

Josey made the day so much better.

She anticipated things that we never would have considered and stayed on top of a huge number of details (everything from vendors, timelines, and layout to tricky social dynamics and my very particular demands about music transitions and media presentations).

Most of all, Josey’s cheerful, smiling confidence was super reassuring—you can tell she knows what she’s doing and has everything well-in-hand so that you can relax and enjoy the wedding day. Plus, Josey’s just a really great person and we enjoyed having her involved! You won’t regret working with her!"

Hailey and Hunter church wedding | Alyssa Lee Photography | Day of Coordinating by Josey of Sixpence Events

Hailey + Hunter

"Josey is AMAZING!

I have had the privilege of working with her on a styled shoot, learning from her entrepreneurial expertise, and planning my wedding! Josey is always 1000 steps ahead of the game, she knows exactly what she is doing (this isn't her first rodeo), and she will take care of things you didn't even know existed.

Sixpence Events is as essential as your wedding dress or your groom.. seriously."

Janelle Elise | Megan + Corey | Furber Farm | Sixpence Events | A Vintage Touch Weddings64.jpg


"Knowing Josey was looking out for us was a weight off our shoulders that we were not missing anything.

On the wedding day, Josey was AMAZING!

She took care of every detail, connected with all the vendors, helped with set up, I did not hear of any problem if there was one, she took care of any issue, kept the flow going for the day, at the end of the night, I went to the bridal suite and she was cleaning up so everything would be organized for us at the end of the night! Josey did so many things that I do not even know about! It was PRICELESS for me to be able to spend every minute of the day after months of planning, to truly ENJOY the day...

We LOVED Josey - would not have had the perfect day that we did without her there!"

Marvin + Eloise | Aaron T Photo | Nicollet Island Pavilion15.jpg

eloise + marvin

"Josey is my new best friend. She was so chill throughout all the planning and made me so relaxed on the wedding day.

She knows her stuff almost TOO well! Would highly recommend."

Jade and Seth at Bloom Lake Barn | Allison Hopperstad Photography | day of coordinating by Josey with Sixpence Events

jade + seth

"Josey is incredible!

I used her as a day of coordinator for my wedding and it went perfectly! From day one she was insanely organized, personable, and very responsive to questions thrown her way via email. On the day of the wedding she worked with all my wedding vendors to make sure the night was stress free - and it was! If there were any hiccups that day I never heard about them, which is exactly what I was looking for. She had everything under control from day one and I can't thank her enough!!!

The best part - friends and family were talking about how much they loved her even weeks after the wedding was over! I definitely will be recommending her to friends and family.

Thanks again Josey for a night Seth and I will never forget!"

Nicole + Luke | Villa Bellezza | Kristina Lorraine Photo35.jpg

luke + nicole

"Josey, Thank you so much for everything you did to help prepare and organize us and for coordinating our rehearsal and wedding day!

We would've been lost without you and appreciated your vendor suggestions as well. A special thank you for directing us to Gabe, our guitarist! He was so amazing and really set the tone for our ceremony.

You worked your butt off, girl, and we are so grateful for you! Nicole + Luke"

Ann and Darren | Sixpence Events | Photo by Nicole McCoy

ann + darren

"Josey was amazing! We hired her as our day-of coordinator and she made sure she understood everything we wanted for our wedding day. She kept everything running smoothly and whenever an issue came up she was on it and we quickly realized she had it all covered.

She worked well with our teenage helpers who needed a little extra direction and brought a sense of calm to everyone she talked to.

She went above and beyond with her attention to detail. When I sat down for dinner my lipstick was waiting at my place setting, she helped my elderly FIL by bringing his meal to him, she started a toast to get things going. Our guests raved about her. I appreciated being able to enjoy my special day without worry."

Amy and Patrick swing wedding photo | Kelly Birch Photography | Sixpence Events and Planning Day of Coordinating at Hope Glen Farm

Amy + patrick

"Our wedding day would not have been as low-stress as it was without Josey's help. She helped us to feel prepared ahead of time and then worked like a little hummingbird the day of making sure everyone and everything was in the right place at the right time. I like to be organized and involved, so the fact alone that Josey made me feel comfortable enough to just sit and enjoy getting ready was a feat in itself!

On top of all of that, my friends and family all commented on how much they really liked her and remarked about what a hard worker she is.

She organized, friendly, very responsive with messages, and hilarious! My hubby and I are very thankful for all the help she gave us and highly recommend her!"

bree and jordan.jpg

Bree + jordan

"Where to begin. . . Josey was an amazing day of reception host/guide/coordinator/artist/therapist/time manager/moral booster/clean up crew and so many others. All of each invaluable to us on our reception day. If you were ever hesitant to call in a professional planner don't be with Josey!

My wife and I could not have pulled off our crazy hectic day with out her support!! Thanks to her everything and all her referrals made the day flow as smooth as possible. Totally 5 stars!"

Kaylie and Travis wedding at Day Block | KH Studio Photography | Sixpence Events Wedding Planning

Kaylie + Travis

"Thanks to Josey we had sound at our wedding ceremony! The DJ forgot to bring a generator for power to the ceremony location. Josey being the resourceful little coordinator that she is put out this little fire before anyone knew what was going on.

I would highly recommend Josey be your day of wedding coordinator. She's fun, energetic, and loves a good wedding!

We had a few more difficulties throughout the day with the venue parking, and the ceremony being outside with a 100% chance of rain, it was a huge load off our shoulders knowing we had a professional to handle all the coordination stress on our big day. Love Love Loveeeee."

Heidi and Jake Lake Waconia wedding | Ben Berndt Photography with Sixpence Events Day of Coordinating

Heidi + Jake

"I am so thankful to have had Josey be a part of our wedding day! She eliminated any potential planning stresses, and was invaluable the day of. I'm very organized and thought I wanted to do everything for our wedding myself but I'm so glad that we decided to have Josey as our day of coordinator!

 Seriously other than my husband I think having her there was one of the best decisions I made.

As a bride, I'm so glad that I was able to enjoy my wedding day and not have to worry about logistics or any potential issues that could come up. She also allowed my mom and sister to enjoy the wedding day which was very important to me. Luckily nothing major came up on our wedding day but with any big event things are bound to happen, Josey took care of it all and I didn't have to worry about anything. It was also great to have someone to make sure I stayed cool and hydrated on a 90+ degree day with humidity. She was so fun to be around, was hilarious, and put everyone at ease!

I would recommend to anyone planning a wedding- Hire Sixpence!- even if you think you can do it all, you shouldn't have to and a day of coordinator is money well spent."

Lydia and Michael photo by Kate Becker Minneapolis wedding | Day of Coordinating at Loring Social by Sixpence Events & Planning

Lydia + Michael

"My now-husband and I waffled a little bit about whether hiring a planner would be worth the expense, but having gone through it, we now know that hiring a planner - especially Josey - is SO worth it.

Josey was so thoughtful about all of the details of our event, was always willing to meet up and talk through things, and is so fun to work with. Multiple bridal party members commented about how great she was as a planner and how fun(ny) she was as a person. It was a pleasure having her at our wedding and an absolute necessity for keeping my husband and I sane and for making our wedding absolutely seamless!

Three cheers for Josey at Sixpence!!"

Eristole and Joey | Isaac White Photography | Sixpence Events Day of Coordinating in St. Louis Missouri


"Josey was amazing! She was highly recommended by my husband's family after she coordinated an event for them.

From the moment she introduced herself, she was professional, organized, and immensely helpful! On our wedding day, I felt completely confident she had everything under control and I could just enjoy myself.

My husband says that having Josey stage manage our wedding allowed him to relax and know that he could just enjoy the day. She was firm when needed (getting our family off the dance floor at the end of the night), but blended right in with the family (she was a great sport when my aunt pulled her on the dance floor!) I could go on and on; I can't recommend her enough - our entire family agrees she is wonderful!"


Leslee + Billy + header photo // Aqua Fox. Sonja + John // Brian Bossany. Justin + Jacob // Carly Milbrath Photography. Hailey + Hunter // Alyssa Lee Photography. Megan + Corey // Janelle Elise Photography. Eloise + Marvin // Aaron Thomas Photography. Jade + Seth // Allison Hopperstad Photography. Nicole + Luke // Kristina Lorraine Photography. Ann + Darren // Nicole McCoy Photography. Amy + Patrick // Kelly Birch Photography. Kaylie + Travis // KH Studios. Heidi + Jake // Ben Berndt Photography. Lydia + Michael // Kate Becker Photography. Eristole + Joey // Isaac White Photography.