You are on your way to planning your wedding, and just like any good adventure, you'll get where you're going much happier if you have a plan.

Creating a map, having an idea of where you want to end up will really help you keep your sanity, make decision more quickly (and only make them once), and ultimately lead you to the best day of your lives.

P.S. Just watching Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time, and don't you just love that part where Mr. Darcy says, "I love you, most ardently."

BAH! Just think about that while talking about what you want for your wedding.

You want someone to come tromping through the meadow at dawn just to tell you that he still loves you and wants you to marry him. *SIGH* (ignore the pronouns, focus on the love story).

Step 1: Print the worksheet
Step two: Watch the video to get warmed up
Step three: Fill out the printable, separately, but together.
Step four: Listen to the soothing sounds of my voice, prompting you to talk and to listen.  




Header image by Aaron T Photo