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You just got engaged, congratulations! You’ve decided to have a backyard wedding

Oh boy.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, backyard weddings are a BEAST. They require a large handful of rentals, bringing in catering that doesn’t require a commercial kitchen and managing Minnesota weather.

Oh man.

Every summer I plan a backyard wedding, well technically we plan them over the duration of a year or more, and I love them. But I also understand that they require a motivated planning timeline and a list of reliable vendors.

Oh joy.

If you are opting for a backyard wedding, let me help you get to your happily ever after… happily.

Rates starting at $6000. You're picking this package because:

  • You want a backyard wedding and you’ve already confirmed you have a backyard for your wedding.

  • You need help to get organized, to book vendors and to ensure that your wedding dreams come to fruition.

  • You’ve come to terms with the fact that a backyard wedding isn’t cheaper and it isn’t an opportunity to suddenly become good at DIY everything.

  • Day of coordinating, a rehearsal, final walkthrough and unlimited advice is included. Monthly meetings either in person or virtually.